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MiPasa Builders

Notebook Basics and Settings
Notebooks | Notebooks allow users to pull in datasets, produce substantiated content {code, text & dashboards} and showcase it in real time. Create, access and collaborate on Notebooks, or discover a library of other builders' public Notebooks.
For a detailed map on the properties, settings and functions of Notebooks, see below

Left | y-axis menu

1. Explorer/ Editor | Allows you to edit your Notebook
2. Preview | Preview what content explorers and users consuming your Notebook will view
3. Analysis | Overview on data flows, owners & collaborators, inputs and outputs of the Notebook
4. Collaborators | Manage collaboration { add, view and delete collaborators}
5. Runs | View runs, updates and logs on your data

Center | x-axis menu

6. Add File |JPEG, PNG, ipynb and plain text files. More file types will be added in the future
7. Add Folder | Add the file types above in a folder format
8. Run All Cells| Update the content you have uploaded to see new output
9. Save File | Save your work!
10. Clone | Leverage MiPasa's open-source environment to build your creation Clone any publicly available or privately shared {with you} Notebooks.
11. Schedule | Schedule how often you want to run data updates

Right | y-axis menu

12. Datasets | Pull in, view and access public and private datasets
13. Properties | Rename your Notebook, add a thumbnail image, select categories and view specific notebook details here
14. License | Types include -> {GNU GPL}, {Apache 2.0}, {MIT License}, {BSD 2-Clause or 3-Clause}, {Custom}