First things first - let’s create a new project

You have two ways to do that. If you’re just starting to use MiPasa, you can create a new project by navigating to Home > My Projects > Create your first Project.
Alternatively, and if you already have projects in your account, you can navigate through Home > My Projects > Create (left sidebar) > New Project.
Whichever path you go, you will be shown a new project popup. Once you are inside the new project menu, go to Start from Code > New Code Project. In this example, we will start with the code, but we’ll get to the rest of the options shortly.
Once you’re there, put in your project name. In this example we’ll call our project “So what is MiPasa?”

Adding a new pasa notebook within your project

Once we have our project created, or maybe we already had a project and we’re adding the pasa there, here’s how we can do it. Navigate to the project that you want to proceed with, there in the left side menu - click on the new file icon.
In the new file dropdown, select New Pasa.
Then, type the file name within the new file modal window. Please make sure to have the .pasa extension for the file.
That’s it! You have the first pasa file in your project.