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How and Why Getting Set up on MiPasa makes a difference

Getting Set up:

Signing Up for MiPasa grants you unlimited access to all of the available datasets, code, modeling tools and insights. You will have the ability to form & join teams, bookmark, clone, create and collaborate with others.
  • Create your own space to manage your models and visualisations
  • Browse, run and clone another user’s models
  • Share your creations with others
  • Collaborate and work with other individuals or teams
  • Add new datasets

How to Sign Up?

To Sign Up, navigate here: MiPasa and click the Get Started button in the top right corner.
Option 1: Sign Up with Google, GitHub or Ethereum and authorise MiPasa.
Option 2: Sign Up with a username / email & password, click “Agree & Create Account” to start using MiPasa. You will be required to confirm your email address within 14 days.