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MiPasa Family Users

Within MiPasa, there are three different types of Users. Discover how you want to engage.
MiPasa Builders | Data enthusiasts who are adamant about getting to the source of verifying data. These users are curious about where data comes from and look at how to tell a story with it - comparing datasets, producing beautiful dashboards for cross-sector analysis and data modeling to discover outputs that change the course of decision-making. Also includes content producers, influencers and users who have an important data-driven story to amplify and share.
For Example | Developers + Data Scientists + Technical Project & Product Owners + Influencer + Content Producer
MiPasa Explorers | Decision makers dealing with retail and institutional risk who require insights, models and specific sector analysis backed by verifiable data. MiPasa is a source of truth for decision makers to make important projections on future outcomes, and connect with valuable users.
For Example | Retail consumers {Whales + DeGens + NFT Collectors + Data Scientists + Researchers} + Institutional consumers {VCs + Institutional Investors}
MiPasa Partners | Data Providers, Protocols, DApps and information marketplaces whom MiPasa is partnering with to deliver on B2B & B2C solutions. As a leader in providing verifiable data, MiPasa seeks to support the development of amplification channels to forward evidence-backed claims, and verified data models to minimize variance and volatility as we make choices.
For Example | Data Providers {APIs+ SDKs} + Ecosystem Partners {Chainlink + Protocols + DApps}