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The go-to source for all frequently asked questions about MiPasa
Notice: If you have any questions at all while reading through the FAQ, we suggest creating your first project to grasp a full understanding of MiPasa's potential.

How do I get started with MiPasa?

For builders, you can find a detailed product guide here. Otherwise for a quick start introduction and link to videos to get your first Notebook up and running follow this link.

How does MiPasa work?

MiPasa exists to provide evidence-based, substantiated content to back up assumptions in real time. By plugging into SDKs, APIs and allowing users to pull in public and private datasets, code and text MiPasa up-levels content quality and decision making as users are able to collaborate, run, verify and share. For Builders, MiPasa works by comparing datasets, producing beautiful dashboards for cross-sector analysis and data modeling to discover new opportunities and outputs. For Explorers and decision makers, MiPasa is a source of truth to understand risk, make important projections on future outcomes and connect with the valuable users and builders creating the content. For Ecosystem Partners, MiPasa provides credibility and amplification that forwards evidence-backed claims and verifies the data models and services you provide users. Sharing dashboards and concrete examples of progress without having to manually update is a massive save on time and resources.

General Questions

How do I collaborate with users through MiPasa?
Within Notebooks, MiPasa allows Admins to permission roles to fellow collaborators. Click here for more info on how it works.
What are some example use-cases for MiPasa?
  1. 1.
    Content which benefits from data runs so you are current on updated dashboards, visualisations, data and models.
  2. 2.
    Content and builds where you'd like to showcase code, API calls and data.
  3. 3.
    Reduce resource requirements such as DevOps, web developer’s cloud accounts and easily publish LiveData and LiveModels.
How do I verify data in MiPasa?
Data is verifiable in MiPasa as the models are interactive and publicly available. If users have uploaded their own data directly you will have to ask them. There is a comments section at the bottom of each notebook where users can interact with the authors.
What does a paid user get vs a free user?
  • Create your own space to manage your models and visualisations
  • Browse, run and clone another user’s models
  • Share your creations with others
  • Collaborate and work with other individuals or teams