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Architecture Overview

Overview of the components of MiPasa
Notebooks | Notebooks allow users to pull in datasets, produce substantiated content {code, text & dashboards} and showcase it in real time. Create, access and collaborate on Notebooks, or discover a library of other builders' public Notebooks. {For more information on how to build click here}
Pricing | Explore plans, and choose the best for you (Free, Starter, Pro or Enterprise Plan). MiPasa's pricing depends on the breadth of data you are compiling and how often you are running the model.
Resources | Access MiPasa's video resources and learn how to create your first project, tips, and best practices to leverage the data hub.
Newsroom | Read about the latest news, events and updates on MiPasa.
Featured | Discover relevant posts, enjoy featured code, models, and stay current with industry updates. {For more information on how to discover relevant models graphs and dashboards click here}