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MiPasa Resources

Welcome to the MiPasa Resource Portal where you will find resources and guides on how to create, collaborate, and publish verifiable data-powered models, reports, and insights.

Why was MiPasa created?

MiPasa is a solution for dynamic analysis and reporting while maintaining security and transparency.
Our platform provides an easy way for researchers, developers, and businesses to create articles and models: from vivid dashboards to internal financial tables or public writeups — all with granular permissioning that allows selecting who can or cannot see your content or source code.
MiPasa tracks which data is used in which article or dashboard, making the developers aware of the content that needs to be updated if their data changes. Moreover, MiPasa can update your reports automatically without requiring any human intervention, ensuring that they are always up-to-date.
Example of Dash-boarding in MiPasa - pull in data and output models that you can run and update on a cadence

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is a powerful, interactive browser-based data modeling and analytics platform, that allows you to:
  • Create models and visualizations with rich, verifiable datasets
  • Share your models and visualization's “creations” with others both inside and outside MiPasa
  • Create models privately or as a team
  • Add new, private or shared datasets
  • Schedule data runs to push updates in intervals so you are leveraging dashboards, visualisations and models in real time
  • Reduce resource requirements such as DevOps, web developer’s cloud accounts and easily publish LiveData and LiveModels