Introducing MiPasa

What is MiPasa

MiPasa is a platform and an ecosystem that connects technical and non-technical people through data. Our users vary from being CEOs and CFOs who travel a lot and need data and reporting "on the fly", all the way to data nerds with very heavy computational and demanding data requirements.

Our Mission

Analytics for Everyone. Anytime, Anywhere.

What can MiPasa do for me?

Turn data into revenue, monitor, risk-manage, analyze and visualize - using a very intuitive interface... that works on any browser. Your desktop's browser, tablet or mobile. You can visualize, schedule, automate and respond to changes in data - anytime, anywhere.

How good do I have to be in Python?

Between us, using MiPasa, you don't even need to remember how to spell the word Python! Import your data, drag-n-drop visuals and automate whatever you need.

What if I'm not a developer?

Non-developers as well as developers confirmed time and time again that the combination of no-code, low-code as well as the seamless collaboration capabilities of MiPasa, makes non-technical people as well as technical people feel at home!

Advanced Analytics, too?

We made it our mission to design the simplest analytics platform that will be on one hand, as easy as using a browser, while at the same time, allow you to build the most demanding tasks and processes, from PnL predictions, a multitude of forecasting, simulations, testing and backtesting... from Machine Learning, TensorFlow all the way to the most cutting-edge AI.

What do you mean by "Anytime, Anywhere" ?

The ability to run, schedule and analyze data, models, reports, collaborate with others, automate workflows, integrate results into Slack, via email... allows to work anytime and anywhere.

But what if I know Python?

Oh, if you know Python, whether at a beginner level, or advanced - you will really enjoy the extra productivity and the amount of hassle that is taken away from you when working in MiPasa. From source-code integration using Git, all the way to emailing unique URLs to your peers, with very granular access control capabilities. Hey, after all, our engineers are very Pythonic!

OK, I got it. Technical and non-technical, analytical but also visual?

You've got it! You can use Python if and when you need it, but we have plenty of users who didn't even know that MiPasa was built from the ground up to make Python developers (and non-developers) work together on the same platform... and not only "not interrupting" each other. On the contrary, collaborating and helping each other.
Now with that out of the way: Let's dive in!
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